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Welcome to the Blood+ Icon Awards! This is a icontest community for the anime and manga(s)Blood+! Iconist are given Monday through Friday to create two icons based on themes given by the moderators. Moderators will choose a theme, lyrics and a picture for iconist to use. A further explination is given of each challenge below.

Using a single word participants will create an icon that revolves around the theme. For example, if the theme was Saya a icon would be acceptable if the character Saya was incorperated into the icon. You can use any kind of picture, words or textures and brushes to get the theme across.

Moderators will give out lyrics from a song that must have at least two consecutive words from the song on the icon and the words on the icon must be words from the song. Feel free to use the picture given or any other picture you like.

Moderators will upload and provide a picture that the iconist can use. Iconist can use ONLY this picture if choosing this theme. You can feel free to use any words on the icon as long as it contains the picture.

Combinations of any of the three are acceptable as well. Since you can submit 2 icons, iconist are able to submit icons from different categories.

1. All icons must be 100% original and made for the contest
2. The submitter must be the creator of the icon
3. Icons must be anonymous, only you should know which one is yours
4. No fanarts are allowed, anyone of the three blood+ mangas are allowed
5. Join the community before participating
6. Submit only two icons
7. Animated icons are allowed (Icons are allowed to move) unless told otherwise
8. Please do not vote for yourself
9. Have fun!!

All submission post are screened so no one except a mod will know who the creators are.
Here are steps for an easy submission!
1. Make sure your icon is livejournal compatible meaning its 100x100 pixels or less and under 40 KB
2. Upload your icon onto a server such as Photobucket or Image Shack
3. Comment on the submission post and leave a comment with the icon and url of the icon so it looks like this


Challenge 1: Winners // Banners
Challenge 2: Winners // Banners

If you are interested in making banners for the winning icons please ask!

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